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Richard Devine kicks proceedings off with his signature array of vast percussive elements all swimming amongst machine-like washes that gradually bring themselves to the surface momentarily, and are just as quickly lost again in dense machine clatterings. Kero’s “Turrets Irie” staggers along without too much direction, yet still intrigues with its eerie underpinnings that are subtly introduced amongst the thick low-end sonic quagmire.

The b-side flows in with the strangely church-like organ drones of Modeselektor’s “Emulgator 410,” complete with sampled soft drink fizz and drinker exhalation-satisfaction samples. Direkt Jive’s “Hormonal Imbalance” kicks in with octave-jumping-old-cassette-tape-initiation-tones and the hyper programmed breaks that have become commonplace, but used skillfully in this instance.

Derek Michael’s “Wasted Again” twitters along in damn fine fashion instantly grabbing your attention like no other track seems to be able up to this point on the platter. Spooky filtered pads weave their way around snappy rhythms, new-email plings appear amongst growly horror vox, solid grooves abound.


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