DETUND 11 (2×12 VINYL)

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The first in a series of collaborative releases between Miami based Schematic Records and
Detroit Underground, Armpit Buffet assembles some of the biggest names in experimental electronic
music to pay tribute to living legend and DU/Schematic recording artist Otto von Schirach.
One of the most highly anticipated records of the year, Armpit Buffet fills you up with twenty
courses of aural madness cooked fresh by the likes of Quintron, Jamie Lidell and Venetian Snares
among others

Track Listing
1. Phoenecia: Boombonic Plague
2. Venetian Snares: Pelican Moondance
3. Hearts of Darknesses: Dr. Flamenco
4. Soft Pink Truth: Whip Me Down
5. DIN-ST: Laptops & Martinis
6. Mochipet: Earjuice Synthesis
7. Quintron: Madame Queef Blizzard*
8. Finesse + Runway: Megamix
9. Danny L: Four Rooms Four Walls
10. Doormouse: Vomitar
11. Richard Devine: Earjuice Synthesis/Lactate
12. Megablast Fhresh: Megamix
13. Jamie Lidell: Earjuice Synthesis
14. Dino Felipe: Facelift
15. Curtis Chip: Four Rooms Four Walls
16. Yarlen: Tits and Feet in G Minor
17. Secret Chiefs 3: Purple Pickle Eater
18. Skimaul: Megamixxx
19. Audiose My Angel: Laptops & Martinis
20. Pistol Disco: Laptops & Martinis


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